Turbo Premium 2022

Turbobit service offers you a free cloud-based solution for storing and quickly sharing files. With download links, you can send other people files to download at high speeds that can reach up to 1 GB/sec.

Turbo Premium helps you to make money

If your content is popular, you can earn passively with Turbobit. Files will not be searchable by users without a unique download link. You can also connect our service to your site with already connected payment systems, which we don’t have. Also you can earn on the program for resellers. You can fully try all the available features with Turbo Premium.

Advantages of Turbo Premium:

This service has been in operation for several years and for all the time of its existence has managed to prove itself as a convenient and effective tool for file sharing. There are three options for the user to use the site:

  • You can download files without delay.
  • Increased term of files storage.
  • Maximum download speed.
  • You can download files via direct links.
  • Downloading is done in multiple streams.
  • No ads.

Turbo Premium 2022

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Available for mobile devices

Turbobit service is available not only for desktop devices. Users with mobile gadgets are automatically redirected to the mobile version of the site. So you can continue using the services of our file sharing service even when you are on the road.

Windows users can download an upload application for the convenience. You can use it to share files more easily. It will allow you to pause and resume uploads as needed.

File storage

Depending on your account, you’ll have a variety of file sizes available for downloading and storing. Free downloads up to 200 MB are available for guests without registration. Files up to 4GB can be downloaded with a browser. Registered users with a Premium account can access files up to 100GB.

Premium access

You can store and upload files on Turbobit for free, you do not even have to register. But to get full access to the features of the service, we recommend that you buy turbobit premium account. There is currently no way to get it for free, but there are various ways to receive a discount on premium services. You can use a referral link from your friends or acquaintances or participate in a reseller program. You can read more about the terms and conditions of the service at turbobit.net.

Turbo Premium account